Xmobar stuck on updating

18-May-2017 06:56

I’m using urxvt-unicode-patched from aur, so I tried urxvt-unicode from the community repository, but it didn’t help.

Then I thought my Xmonad configuration was incompatible with later versions, but the same error occurs without trayer/xmobar and a very clean config (from Arch Wiki).

xmobar stuck on updating-60

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I can't understand what the is a dependency constraint on the version of the transformers library.

I trying to reload a div's content after an AJAX post, I really have no clue about how to do this.

I know that I have to update the innerhtml with Jquery but I am stuck here.

edit: There are no error messages in xmonad or xorg log files. I’m not quite sure, it started about two weeks ago now, and that was the time of the update from 4.6-5 to 4.7-1.edit: I have to say I was away for some time in August. During this update, linux was updated (4.6.5-1 to 4.7.1), but also the Intel video driver, xmonad, xmonad-contrib and xmobar (among many other packages).

The kernel received another update (4.7.1 to 4.7.1-1) on the 18th. I’m starting to fear it might be a problem with btrfs, because I found some weird looking directories in /.

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