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Photos are usually checked within 24 hours of upload, but this may be longer at times of high demand, and on weekends when we have fewer staff on duty. Your photo must either be in JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF or PCX format.

Your photo must be less than 8192k B, but there is no restriction on the dimensions of the image you upload.

This means that as well as being able to see members of Telegraph Dating, you also have access to other member profiles from the following carefully selected Network Sites and vice versa: dating.uk, dating.newscientist.com, dating.uk, dating.uk, dating.womanandhome.com, dating.womansweekly.com, and

Remember, our two-way matching process helps all of our members select suitable profiles, so even though yours may be seen by other users of the sites listed, generally they will only see your profile if you both match what you are jointly looking for.

Nothing in the world is more stable than temporary.

If you joined with your social network account, click on the related button and sign in with your social network details. If you've joined Telegraph Dating more than 30 days ago, or if you have an active subscription, you will be able to hide your profile.Go to the Settings page of your profile and change 'visible' to 'hidden'.Note that you can switch this back to 'visible' at any time if you so wish. From the moment you complete your profile on one of our sites, our aim is to help you find as many other people as possible that match the type of person you are looking for.Bear in mind that any mail or correspondence you receive through our system will always appear in your profile inbox in the normal way irrespective of which site the sender is a member of.

Please note, for security reasons your log in details will only work on the site you originally joined.

We will automatically resize it if it is too large.

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Then send them another email or use contact form and notify them. Legitimate sites that you really contacted would probably respect unsubscribe requests.… continue reading »

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Frequently Asked Questions. Need help. The message is sent to their email address from your username - your real name and email address are never shown.… continue reading »

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When you get an email from them, usually you can scroll to the bottom of the email. There is a link you can click on were you can unsubscribe to that web site.… continue reading »

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