World renowned dating seduction gurus review guide

26-Oct-2017 05:10

Ross Jeffries taught NLP-based seduction, Gunwitch taught sexual state-based seduction, Mystery taught social value-based seduction, etc.and everyone else in newer generations of the PUA community just seemed to rehash old content in various ways.Richard asked me to write a review for his Stealth Attraction program. I’m about to tell you everything you need to know about Stealth Attraction…What he might not have realized when he asked me this, though, is that I’m not going to just provide a standard review saying why this product is so great and shit. but I’m also going to tell you everything I learned about this supposed Master-Pickup-Artist-Guru Richard La Ruina and more.I can tell the beginners and intermediates that this is a program that will make your game better and more consistent, but you’ve already got that.

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As a “community veteran,” or someone who has been in this Seduction/PUA community for several years, I’ve read, heard, and seen practically everything out there.

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