Wordpress sidebars not updating

06-Jul-2017 07:37

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The name "Sidebars" is just a name and it's the same for all CMSs.

But now you can easily format text using the WYSIWYG editor and use styles such as bold, italics, bullet lists, and the ability to add and edit hyperlinks.

Previously you were only able to enter text or HTML.

For those that didn’t know how to code, this limited things a little bit.

Before Sidebars there was a Columns (Row with Columns) control to make columns.

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Then we created Sidebars to help users to share controls.

It includes a multitude of new widgets and improvements, along with a handy improvement to how links work in the visual editor. The main focus for Word Press 4.8 really surrounded changes to as a way to more easily showcase your content, images, and branding.

WordPress - Sidebars, widgets logic. Stagger Lee. 1826 Posts. Stagger Lee posted this 24 March 2016. There is no way right now to insert have separate sidebars per custom templates ? I know there is this "Show widget on" for widgets, but this is not usable for any serious work. There is Insert WP xx widget area and.… continue reading »

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Hiya. I've placed a Woocommerce categories widget in the Woocommerce sidebar and a Woocommerce products widget in the main sidebar. The Woocommerce products widget is showing on all pages, including the Woocommerce shop and products pages. The Woocommerce categories aren't showing.… continue reading »

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Jun 16, 2017. WordPress 4.8 update is now available! The latest WordPress upgrade launched on June 8 provides exciting new features over its predecessor 4.7. Have you already upgraded to the new version or pondering if it is safe to do so? Let us quickly evaluate the WordPress 4.8 version and how well you can.… continue reading »

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Love the theme. I am struggling to get the sidebar to show on the right side. It works fine on the left, but is blank if I select the layout with the sidebar ri.… continue reading »

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