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If you persist through the cycle (tedious, I know) of configure, install missing software, repeat, the script should finish and display a success message.By the way, some features of wine (legacy, experimental, etc.) aren't enabled by default but can still be built into wine with the right libraries.If you would rather uninstall your distro's version of wine, you have a few options for what to do after uninstalling it: If you plan to run Wine on the same 32-bit architecture that you're building it on, then you're in luck; things should be very simple.If you just want to build Wine on common hardware with a 64-bit distro, odds are you want a Wo W64 build.Before you compile a single line of ANSI C, there are a few things you need in order to build wine successfully.You can download the Wine source code as a tarball from several places (including the Wine FTP server), but if you plan to do any actual testing or developing, you'll want to use git.You might have heard of knows what steps it can skip if you change the source code and recompile.

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If you do install wine through make, just be sure that you don't have a version of wine already installed.

When you type it, just add the relative path to the tools subdirectory of a wine build compiled for your host system.

Unless you include this option (or a copy of the tools are cached where the build scripts can see them), the configure script will abort with an error if you also pass a cross-compiling option.

On a successful run, the configure script should list all disabled features and which libraries enable them.

To include those features, simply install the relevant libraries, then run the configure script one more time.

If you actually want to run wine after you build it, you'll also need to install runtime dependencies too.

Feb 6, 2017. See https// If you're missing a library or program wine needs to build, the script should output a message specifically telling you what you still need to install. Ideally one run through the configure script would list all the missing software, but.… continue reading »

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Wine is a compatibility layer capable of running Microsoft Windows applications on Unix-like operating systems. Programs running in Wine act as native programs would.… continue reading »

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Writers can contribute by documenting the program, maintaining the wiki, and translating various parts of the project. Designers can, among other tasks, draw icons for programs, or improve the style and function of the website. Wine Development Fund Please consider making a donation to support the Wine project.… continue reading »

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