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The System Menu is the GUI where you can access all of the different channels on your console, including the Disc Channel and the Wii Shop Channel.

Virgin Wii — A Wii that has never been hacked or tweaked in any unofficial way. You can think of an IOS as a mix between a patch, a driver, and a plug-in.

These files install some kind of content onto your console, which could be anything from a custom IOS to a Virtual Console game.

Homebrew Channel — A custom channel that you will install that enables you to launch homebrew applications, such as the WAD Installer.

The Wii can only read DVD-R discs, with a few rare, and I do stress , exceptions. If you’re wanting to go ahead and buy some DVD-R’s, the best brand out there for Wii backups is without a doubt Verbatim DVD-R’s with Advanced AZO dye.

You can find a 50 pack of those at any Best Buy (or probably any other computer store) for about 30$.

As of System Menu 4.0, this exploit has been patched and is obsolete.

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The reason I am writing this guide is because when I softmodded my Wii not too long ago, I had to pull information on how to do it from about three different sources.

Twilight Hack / Bannerbomb — Unfortunately, the Homebrew Channel doesn’t install itself on its own.

The Twilight Hack method was the original method for installing the channel, which involved using a hacked savegame for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to load a homebrew application from an SD card.

Coincidentally, one of the first things that Nintendo’s repair guys check for on bricked consoles sent in is if IOS249 is installed. c IOSCORP — I have no clue what the -CORP suffix stands for (nor why we need such elaborate abbreviations), but what c IOSCORP does is simple: it allows you to load backed up Wii and Gamecube games from the Wii’s disc channel instead of having to use a custom loader.

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c IOSCORP is really a massive patch that turns every IOS on your Wii into a c IOS.This is the first part of my guide on how to softmod your Wii.This part will merely serve as an introduction to the concepts that you will need to grasp before undergoing this, at times, risky procedure.Q: Will I still be able to update to the latest firmware?