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It was full of asides, irrelevances, corrections, contradictions, and yet it flowed much as Frankie flowed, breathlessly, nervously, vulnerably, irresistibly. You had to put in asides, or it wouldn't be Frankie, but if there were too many it would get stuck, it wouldn't go anywhere. Nobbs, for example, wrote a sketch called 'Pispronunciation', a monologue about a man who couldn't pronounce his 'worms' correctly. For the better, because neither we nor the Arab world would tolerate this sexist rag-bag of gags about harems and eunuchs? 'I'm sorry I was so horrible, and I promise that next time I won't be, but I will be.'When John Cleese was in the cadet corps at school, an inspecting Army officer, a high-ranking and no doubt distinguished soldier, though perhaps not a genius at small talk, looked him up and down, mainly up, and said: 'You're very tall, aren't you?And you had to remember that Frankie would put in a few of his own, and leave room for them. Barker promptly wrote at least two sequels to it, mining David's idea. At the end of one of our meetings, Frankie said to us: 'I want to take you out to dinner to thank you for the scripts.' Once we had sat down, he said: 'I have one rule in restaurants. We have to get away from it, or we'll go blind.'I've thought hard about this and I do believe that this man was one of only two performers in my career who invited me out to dinner to thank me — and was also the only comic to write me a letter of thanks. 'I have spent quite a lot of time trying to think of a better reply to that officer than 'Sorry, sir', but I haven't come up with anything.A few years ago, TV viewers were given a very unappetising portrait of Frankie in a biopic in which he was brilliantly played by the comic actor David Walliams. Vosburgh had written the 'Dr Spooner' sketch for the Two Ronnies, where words were mixed up to comic effect; for example, 'You're much too titty to be a preacher', instead of, 'You're much too pretty to be a teacher'.'Ronnie Barker, the actor, was great and we thought how wonderful he was, but Ronnie Barker, the writer, did slightly step on our toes,' said Nobbs, who felt Barker 'took advantage' of his status as star of the show. Frankie played a Roman slave called Lurcio and that his master was a senator, Ludicrus Sextus, you will know that little knowledge of Roman history was necessary to appreciate them, and even less knowledge of Roman history would stick in your mind as a result of having watched them. It's really funny, yet there's no way it can be construed as remotely insubordinate. John told him that he was doing this hugely successful, ground-breaking comedy series in London, but his father didn't believe him, took him for a walk along the beach at Weston-super-Mare, and said: 'I've been having a chat with the manager at Marks and Spencer.

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While the series does blur out any frontal nudity, Joe’s butt is on display for most of the hour, throughout all three of his dates.But later Liddy’s third date, former frat boy Steve, is introduced leading her attentions to stray. J., meanwhile, heads on naked dates with two other ladies, treating viewers to several nude scenes. VH1’s Dating Naked has officially been renewed for a second season.Here’s hoping there’s lots more hunks like the trio introduced in Episode 6. His first date with Ashley is uneventful leaving him ready to move on to the next ladies to visit the island.The two don’t make a magical connection with one another, but Keegan does hit it off with his second date, Jessie.