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05-Jan-2017 10:15

Jesse Spenser was born Jesse Gordon Spencer on 12 February 1979 in the state of Victoria, Melbourne Australia.The actor was raised alongside his two brothers and a sister, by his parents who are Australian politicians and founders of the political party, Australians Against Further Immigration.Spencer has since co-appeared in movies as Winning London and so on.However, his musical career started with the Australian Boys Choir, performing with them from 1986-92 and also performs the violin in Band from TV, a team which includes his former House co-star Hugh.In 2006, Jesse Spenser and Jenniffer Morrison announced that they were getting married, only to turn around and postpone the marriage before calling off the relationship in 2007.Next, the actor decided on dating British actress, Louise Griffiths. Spenser also got into a relationship with top wave surfer, Maya Gabeira.Since no reason was provided for their split, many speculated Spencer to be gay but later it was revealed that his to be wife Morrison was the one who called off their engagement.

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Soon after his break up with Griffiths in 2010, Spencer got together with his professional surfer girlfriend Maya Gabeira.Even though he became popular for his acting, Spenser who was a choir boy while growing up is also a musician.He plays the violin for the Band From TV which has other members as David Anders, Lester Holt, and Chris Kelley.The band represented on Idol Gives Back in April 2008 and also earned a ' Golden Boomerang' at the 2006 Australians in Movie Breakthrough Awards for his serve on House.