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But even though plenty of people don't think twice before 'being impolite, or insensitive, or invasive, or just straight-up rude' by asking her when she plans to have a baby, Joy notes that she always bites her tongue and answers back politely.'I, as the recipient, must keep my cool and either explain myself or gracefully defend myself,' she wrote. I know people don’t mean any harm, but this really shouldn’t be an issue at all, because what I choose to do or not do with my womb should be of no concern to anyone but my husband.' Exacerbating the problem is that fact that so many people don't just drop the issue when Joy tells them she doesn't 'have the need to breed' — they push, trying to convince her to change her mind about a major decision that she's given plenty of thought to.

Others insist that motherhood is 'so much fun', which Joy highlight doubts, while some implausibly link the fact that she played a 'good mom on Parenthood' to the probability that she'd be a good mom in real life.

Other films to her credits are Spider-man 2, London, Bobby, Hit and Run and Get Rich or Die Tryin. She played the main role of Jasmine in a very popular tv show called Parenthood.

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Joy Bryant has lived a Cinderella story several times over: After growing up on welfare, the overachieving student earned a full-ride scholarship to Yale, became a successful model and was chosen by Denzel Washington to star in 2002’s character. During filming, Bryant was surrounded by familiar faces. Bryant made her acting debut in MTV’s 2001 special and has studied dance since she was 3. She wasn’t shy about filming her steamy scene with Fitty.“Having been a model and dressed in lingerie in front of a room of strangers, you’ve got to get over (your inhibitions) really quick,” she says. All that gift stuff is for the kids, and actually, when I have them, they might not get presents: ‘You’ll get a college education and you’ll like it!“I thought about my own experiences of abuse, assault, and harassment, pre-fame and post-fame,” she writes.“The male babysitter when I was five, the male photographer in my early twenties, the male studio executive a few years ago…” “On October 18, 1974, Joyce gave birth to me, not in love but in shame, after hiding her pregnancy from my grandmother for six months,” she continues.Anyone interested in reading more about her can give wiki sites like IMDB and Wikipedia a look at articles related to her inspiring biography can be found over there.