Who is jang nara dating

17-Aug-2017 02:28

Introverted Boss discusses about two different personality people fall in love unconditionally.The shy boy is played by Yeon Woojin who has completely contrast personality in another hit drama Marriage But Not Dating, while the extremely extrovert girl is Park Hyesoo.This main character is starred by Park Boyoung who has small figure yet with super strength.Moreover, it gives audiences many funny scenes and romantic scenes when main actor Park Hyunsik falls in love with this amazing girl.Or else, you may love to watch your idol dramas and their beauty in the film.

Furthermore, this drama production is collaboration between director from My Love From Another Star and writer from Pinocchio. This drama is set in time of Goryeo dynasty, the first founded nation.

It is a period drama which takes time in Joseon era.

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