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28-Aug-2017 14:38

“Britney said, ‘I love your dress,’ and she fell down on the ground.” WATCH: Inside Anna Nicole Smith's Home That's Now for Sale Despite her persistence, Birkhead says he is not currently dating anyone.“I've been on a few dates and the thing is that, early on, it's too much commotion [with girls] thinking [I was] looking for [another] Anna Nicole,” he shares.

“I had one girl come and try to try on Anna Nicole's jewelry; I had one girl show up and try to look like Anna Nicole.

I still have that bane of my existence.” Despite a housekeeper’s help, his sock drawer has only gotten more confusing, he said, as his 10-year-old twin sons’ feet continue to grow and catch up to daddy’s.

They wanted to know about the circumstances surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith eight months prior, later ruled the result of an accidental drug overdose.“We went to a museum in Indianapolis and she started pulling these brochures for these kids that were up for adoption and she said, ‘Just surprise me when you get home. While he has faced some awkward moments, like explaining why her Wikipedia page states that her surname was “Stern” as a baby (Smith’s partner, Howard K.Stern, was listed as the father on Dannielynn’s birth certificate, before a DNA test proved Birkhead was her dad), she's “more accepting” of missing her mom as she gets older.““She's a good kid and we laugh and have the best times and she wears me out,” Birkhead adds.

“I'm going on amusement park roller coasters doing 200-foot drops holding on to her and she says, ‘I told you the last time, do not hold on to me!As a concierge doctor, he often makes house calls (or calls to the hair salon, as he did the final time he saw Anna Nicole Smith alive), but at the time, a feeding frenzy occurred over a photo from the Gay Pride Parade years earlier.Admitting he got caught up in the fun of being a celebrity doctor, Kapoor maintains that aside from some raucous fun during the parade, he was merely Smith’s doctor.And, they just want to talk about the whole situation.”He would like to find love again and admits that Dannielynn constantly talks about expanding the family.