Who is chris harrison dating 2016

22-Aug-2017 12:06

He has been linked to several women after his divorce including a romantic relationship with Andi Dorfman, though it wasn’t confirmed.

he would sometimes call [me] a bitch or a whore.” Andi has said that the relationship was the most “volatile and f–cked up relationship of [her] life”, and chronicles the experience in her new book, Murray has responded to Dorfman’s comments by saying that they’re “fictional”.Flirtations aside, it looks like timing is the main issue in the possibly budding romance. with Juan Pablo and so Chris won't have a whole lot of time for much dating for a while," the insider added."Chris also makes it a priority to spend time with his kids."Before being linked to the reality show host, Selma dated contestant Arie Luyedyk, Jr.News exclusively that the two are not an item."We happened to be at the same place but we were not together," she explained.

"He's a good friend and a sexy guy, sure, but we are not dating."So while the attraction is clearly there, it may be too soon to tell what is in store for these two. News that "they are interested in each other" but that "it is very casual and new and can't really be categorized as anything yet."And regarding the buzz that they were showing major PDA during their evening at the LA hot spot, the source echoed Selma's thoughts on the matter."It's totally not true that they were all over each other or that he was introducing her as his girlfriend.

He admitted that if he had to cast himself in a movie, he would choose Denzel Washington.

Who Is Chris Harrison Dating? You Asked, We. dude should just throw caution to the wind and become ABC's next Bachelor 2016? Give the people what they want, Chris!… continue reading »

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