What do dating couples fight about

17-Mar-2017 05:26

No one likes to live in that state of uncertainty and it makes people really insecure about their relationship and it needs to stop. The fact that someone did something bad in the past doesn't get you a free pass to do something awful right back in order to "even the score." Relationships are not about keeping score.

Past fights or wrongdoing should have been resolved or forgiven shortly after they happened aka in the past.

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You don't get to have that kind of say in someone else's life, even if you are dating them. Of course, you want your boyfriend or girlfriend to be around people who recognize how great they are and don't treat them like shit, but that's different than encouraging a dissolution of an important friendship just to make you more comfortable. There's nothing like the passive aggressive cold shoulder subtle hinting that you might be angry.However, these fights are pretty much universally bad, as in, even if your parents had these fights, it might be a sign that they aren’t a happy couple.Regardless of age or experience, these fights are not a healthy part of any relationship.Part of having a happy relationship is effectively communicating with the person you're dating in a way that isn't mean spirited or awful.

Things Happy Couples Never Fight About. I'm not saying that you have to be besties with everyone who's important to the person you're dating.… continue reading »

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Couples who argue together stay together. nobody is recommending that you put down the newspaper and pick a fight with. "I see a lot of couples that are.… continue reading »

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