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16-Aug-2017 11:34

We broke up like a week and a half ago and he got married a couple of days ago. He lied to me after we broke up saying that he still had feelings for me but couldn't pick between me or another ex that he had, that he hadn't talked to for a year since he cheated on her. Someone told me that he did in fact get a new number. He seemed truley sorry so i got weak and i had sex with him(YES, AGAIN).

He changed his number or something, texted me saying he did, and not to call or text this one because hes giving it to his sibling. I loving him still go over there let him cry on my shoulder and gave him What i had in my purse(lil over ) and prayed for him.

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Hes a **** for leading me on like that cause he had his ring on and hickeys on his neck but says he cant stand her. Anyway polygamy came up many times but I said I would prefer things not to be that way but the climax....stupid dead beat **** calls me and said I really want a good Muslim family and I know that you might get mad but I see it best ..I got married......were engaged ...I felt betrayed, hurt, in rage, and ready to loose everything for what he did but I knew that it was not worth it.

I hate him I do not know what others have done to soothe their feelings..................

I too am looking inside myself to see the short comings I have that led me to give myself to someone like this. That is deff a blessing but I am taking my time not to think of the past and just work on my inner self and get ready for my TRUE ideal spouse that will never put me in any situation even close to this.

Just take this time to work on ourselves and start a new healthy relationship that is awaiting us.

Peace & Love up there that poured my heart out on this blog a lil over 3 years ago looking for answers in an attempt to soothe myself after what felt like the worst pain of my life...

We broke up in March for a brief amount of time then got back together over the summer. His son and I grew extremely close (closer than we'd been before) as I helped him with his Kindergarten year. That changes nothing, gets you no where and only keeps you in *****.2. He did and i pretended to know that he had someone else(I really didnt knw anything yet). So then he dissapeared again and one day after i drunk dialed him he told me he missed me and wanted to come over, so I let him.