Various dating websites

06-Jan-2017 07:25

Of course you could "hybrid" this site by adding an e-commerce feature, a forum, or even photo sharing.

In the days before the Internet, we used the print, radio, and television media to spread the word about our businesses.

Social Websites, Forum Websites, and Sharing Websites.

One problem is that standard websites are difficult to view and sometines take a long time to download on some of these devices with their small screens and wireless connections.

Websites whose pages are narrower in width and take up less bandwidth work much better for mobile devices.

A blog owner will log-on daily, weekly, or whenever, and write about whatever is going on in their lives or business, or they may comment on politics and news. Now anyone who can afford a blog can be self published and allow their thoughts to be read by anyone in the world who has online access.

How important is blogging to the small business person? And it is unique, because it allows members to contribute and edit articles.

A new domain designation has been created to identify websites that are "mobile friendly". If you have a small business that would benefit from being viewed on a mobile devise, you should consider investigating the possibilities of creating a mobile friendly site.