Updating to 3 71 m33

28-Aug-2017 06:13

Step 2: (Downloading Files) - Download 5.50 GEN-A Here. - Extact all the Content's on your Desktop so you can locate it easily. - Once done your Psp Should now be on 5.50 GEN-A Firmware when you check the System Information in Settings/System Settings/System Information.Step 3: (Transferring Files) - Open your downloaded 5.50 GEN-A file, click Game Folder and Copy the "Update" Folder inside your Psp path is Ms0:/Psp/Game - Unplug your Psp from your computer and Run the 5.50 GEN-A - Follow the provided Instruction carefully. - Now do a quick format again by running Settings/System Settings/Format Memory Stick (for safety reason.) - Plug back in your Psp to your computer using Usb cable or Memory Stick Adaptor - Open your downloaded 5.50 GEN-D3 file, copy the 550at the root of your Psp the path is Ms0:/ - Open your downloaded 5.50 GEN-D3 file, click on "Psp" Folder and click "Game" Folder, copy the "Update" Folder and paste it on your Psp the path is Ms0:/Psp/Game/ - Unplug your Psp from your computer and run the 5.50 GEN-D3 - You should be prompted on an sony official update.

The system will automatically load the item that you've picked.( : Have your battery fully charged or with AC plugged in : ) If you're PSP's Custom FW is 3.52M33, you need patch 3 or 4 installed before u can continue upgrading to any higher custom firmware.3.52M33-4 patch download: 3.52M33-4 patch Install, then run it afterwards!Be reminded that this is a tutorial on how to UPGRADE your already custom firmware enabled PSP!