Updating the video collection

19-Aug-2017 00:39

For more information, see the SFX Target and Alma E-Collection Configuration Guide.

Testing access to CCC Get It Now services (using the test access action in the staff search results) will not lead the staff user to an article because the electronic resource from which test access is performed is at the journal level.

You create and activate local electronic collections from Community Zone records if your resources exist in the Community Zone, or directly from vendor resources if you obtain your resources from a publisher or publisher aggregator or agent.

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By adding a set of standalone local portfolios to a local electronic collection service, you can more easily manage portfolios (activate, deactivate, export, and delete as a group versus individually, one at a time).The procedure for adding electronic collections and their associated portfolios is provided in Adding a Local Electronic Collection.The procedure for adding a portfolio independent of adding an electronic collection is provided in Managing Local Portfolios.Alma provides and uses electronic collections to organize and prepare electronic resources for delivery and publication.