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Currently, supports partitioning via table inheritance. Each partition must be created as a child table of a single parent table.The parent table itself is normally empty; it exists just to represent the entire data set.An index will be helpful in the latter case but not the former.The default (and recommended) setting of constraint_exclusion is actually neither A rule has significantly more overhead than a trigger, but the overhead is paid once per query rather than once per row, so this method might be advantageous for bulk-insert situations.The benefits will normally be worthwhile only when a table would otherwise be very large.The exact point at which a table will benefit from partitioning depends on the application, although a rule of thumb is that the size of the table should exceed the physical memory of the database server.The company measures peak temperatures every day as well as ice cream sales in each region.

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Following the steps outlined above, partitioning can be set up as follows: As we can see, a complex partitioning scheme could require a substantial amount of DDL.We can create an empty partition in the partitioned table just as the original partitions were created above: As an alternative, it is sometimes more convenient to create the new table outside the partition structure, and make it a proper partition later.This allows the data to be loaded, checked, and transformed prior to it appearing in the partitioned table: table.It might also be a useful time to aggregate data into smaller formats, perform other data manipulations, or run reports.