Updating links in excel2016 is the government mandating

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Often, though, you will be told that one of your formulas contains an error, and you will not be able to do this.If you can't take the easy way out, note to which workbook Excel thinks it is linking (we'll call it the well-behaved workbook).You also might want to consider going to the Microsoft Office Download Center, located at , and from the Add-Ins category selecting the Delete Links Wizard.The Delete Links Wizard is designed to find and delete links such as defined name links, hidden name links, chart links, Microsoft query links, and object links.To do this, we like to start from within the Excel workbook containing the phantom links. Scroll through the list of names, clicking to highlight each one and looking in the Refers To: box at the bottom.

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Unexpected external linking can occur for various reasons, many of them stemming from moving or copying charts, chart sheets, or worksheets into another workbook.You can do this by ensuring no other workbooks are open and then searching for , where the asterisk represents a wildcard string.Excel 97 doesn't provide the option of searching the entire workbook, but you can search all worksheets in a workbook by grouping them. provide the option of searching within the sheet or workbook.If the Unhide option on the Sheet submenu is grayed out, that means you have no hidden sheets.

(If you think there are sheets that don't turn up in the menu, see Hide Worksheets for more information.) Now that you have eliminated the possibility of real links, it's time to eliminate the phantom links.Save your workbook again and delete the cell in which you created the true external link. This often eliminates the offending phantom link, as Excel now realizes you have deleted the external link to the workbook.If this does not solve the problem, however, try these next steps, but make sure you save a copy first.Now it's up to you to decide whether you want to change this range name to refer only to the workbook itself or leave it as it is.