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25-Feb-2017 02:46

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Epi Pen is, in a way, a bit of a red herring […] Harvoni, a [patented] pill that cures Hepatitis C, costs ,114 here — and ,554 in the United Kingdom.Less red tape around generic drug competition wouldn’t really change that fact.

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Scott Alexander at the blog Slate Star Codex argues that I’ve got it all wrong: The problem isn’t a lack of price regulation.I would kind of like to complain about Vox calling Epi Pen a “red herring” when they were the ones who brought it up, but I think the problem is deeper than that.Discussing generic drug costs is completely different from discussing brand name drug costs, and the two issues have very different arguments around them.Another way we’ve created a favorable regulatory environment, as Alexander writes, is by allowing roadblocks to stand in the way of generic drug makers who want to enter.

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