Updating data sources with dataadapters

16-Apr-2017 01:56

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ID, name I am updating the result in text box after searching it with a search button which i working fine but after searching the record when i update the value in text box i am getting error. Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Text") is going to attempt to add the name parameter again, which it can't do.SQL statements that modify data (such as INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE) do not return rows. Data Table to the server, instead of sending one operation at a time. When updating a database with changes from a xref: System. As it iterated through the rows in the specified xref: System.

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Call the Save Changes or Save Changes Async methods to post changes to an underlying data source. NET data binding, your Data Grid is bound to a Data Set, populated from an underlying data source by a Data Adapter. These methods will send corresponding HTTP queries after you call the Data Service Context. The code for these HTTP queries must be added to a back-end application.In this case, to post changes back to an underlying data source, call the Adapter's Update method. Data Service Query table stored within a Microsoft. Note that implementing in-place editing when the Data Grid is bound to a server-side data source, including Open Data sources, is not recommended.Similarly, many stored procedures perform an action but do not return rows.