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14-Oct-2017 02:04

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It is a lovely machine but it had been gathering dust while I neglected music.

Last week my partner decided that she wanted to use it while on holiday.

But when I rebooted Zen it was worse It just had black screen with Firmware problem where as previously i could toggle tru the Recovery Screen i.e clean up,format all etc. I stopped the recovery software switched on my zen went to recovery menu-hit clean up then I Formatted it and rebooted it and to my dismay on it came. After three months of trying and trying in many computers, following many, many procedures found all over the Internet, my Creative Nomad has accepted the firmware and has borned again. It recognizes the device but can´t find any update to the drivers, 2.

I found this page and after some time of trying I finally fixed it with a mixture of some of the fixs displayed here.

First time I tried I downloaded latest firmware to my desktop and followed instructions to upgrade. Didnt uninstall any software what so ever i.e windows media player 10 or creative software. Run recovery tool - but zen wasnt picked up by it - so I unplugged it ( held in play/pause button , reset and slide to get to recovery menu)and pluged in the usb quickly for split second its picked up and firmware upgraded. Best of luck Phil You have to downloade the firtst one one this site

At first it looked like it was working as I could see it upgrading on zen screen. Near the end zen upgraded but computer hung looking as if it wasnt sucessful. Main Category=213&n Region FK=&n Country FK=&n Language FK=&s OSName=Windows XP®ion=3&Product_Name=ZEN V&Product_ID=15283&modelnumber=&driverlang=1033&OS=10&select=4&x=25&y=12i had the same problem but now my Creative Zen works great ! Connected the Nomad on a computer with Windows XP and Windows Media Player 9, that never has been touched by a creaive device.

Creative would probably tell you to return the player to them.

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Even if it is not in warranty I'm sure that they would fix a firmware issue. I have my Creative Zen just one year and a half and last time that I tried to turn it on it just did not. cheers from Creative's website (the tool contains the latest firmware update available -- 1.15.03). Cleaned it up, Formated all, and the same message is coming........ then u download and install a new firrware fromc reative site and voilla.After some research it appeared that the firmware would have to be upgraded on the player before it would talk to Vista.

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