Updatepanel onupdating event

06-Jul-2017 14:14

For the source code please check the "aspnet_clientside_confirmation.aspx" sample from the Grid folder in the Suite.I have a grid view in an update panel, similar to the ajax popup menu example in the ajax sample site. Name current Profile User Id = CType(User IDBy User Name(user Name String), Guid) End If If Not current Profile User Id = Guid. Result = Have To Offer By User ID(current Profile User Id) Else e. Updating Dim new Object As have To Offer Table = Direct Cast(e.

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If i click on clear, javascript will clear textboxes.Hi everyone, I have the following problem: I have a web form which contains ajax accordion. Each usercontrol consists of several textboxes and 2 buttons.All the textboxes and 2 buttons (inside these usercontrols) are wrapped in the Update Panel.Basically when i only put one usercontrol in the accordion pane everythign works.