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After the fall of the Byzantine Empire in the 15th century, Lycia was under the Ottoman Empire, and was inherited by the Turkish Republic on the fall of that empire.The Greek and Turkish population was exchanged when the border between Greece and Turkey was negotiated in 1923.Debate and research into whether Internet addiction is a cause or an effect are continuing.This study investigates problematic Internet use among young adult university students and examines correlation between problematic Internet use and loneliness and dating anxiety.The elevation of the town of Elmali, which means "Apple Town," from the density of fruit-bearing groves in the region, is 1,100 m (3,600 ft), which is the highest part of the valley below it. The Akçay, or "White River," the ancient Aedesa, brought water from the slopes to the plain, where it pooled in two lakes below the town, Karagöl and Avlangöl.Currently the two lakes are dry, the waters being captured on an ongoing basis by irrigation systems for the trees.The name of western Lycia was given by Charles Fellows to it and points of Lycia west of it.

At that time (546 BC) the Luwian speakers were decimated, and Lycia received an influx of Persian speakers.

Four ridges extend from northeast to southwest, roughly, forming the western extremity of the Taurus Mountains.