Triumph engine number dating

08-Mar-2017 05:29

Generally, only the final six digits of the VIN number will be required.The VIN number can always be found in two places on the motorcycle.Outside USA: The Vehicle Identification Number is stamped into the right side of the steering head, and can also be found on the VIN plate which is riveted to the frame immediately behind the steering head.USA: The Vehicle Identification Number is stamped into the right side of the steering head.The following is taken from the Genuine Triumph Electronic Parts catalogue:- Quote:- VIN Number In some cases, correct selection of a part depends on matching the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the motorcycle to a range of VIN numbers in the catalogue.It is essential that the VIN number be correctly matched with the information given in the catalogue in order to make correct selection of spare parts.At this stage it appears Manufacturers ID code can be SMTT Or SMT Am pretty sure US Vin is correct But not so sure re ours and UK one (This stage believe both UK & Oz are same) G = TM = Vin can identify: World region: Europe, UK etc Manufactured in: Great Britain, Thailand Year: But not yet sure how as this is as far as I have got so far & may need amending But will add more to posting when find it Damn ! As Motoverse one was not always right anyway and was U.

Therefore, if an entry such as the example given below is shown in the parts information, refer to the VIN plate, check the VIN number and also the factory code and select a part corresponding to the factory code then the VIN: Example VIN entry from the parts information: 2851234-F4.For American, Taiwanese and canadian bikes this detail can be found on a small sticker located above the steering lock.The VIN plate will bear the code "F2" or F4" in its bottom most field.Wow all that for that :shock: :roll: :shock: Ok this is a work in progress and its confusing as numbers are placed different with UK and US exports (maybe even Oz) SMTT J****G******* 2007 Bonneville.