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20-Nov-2017 01:21

To dig deeper into a monochrome states of mind we have been in a dialogue with the two founders, Miruna and Ana.Four women, each with their own professional background, team up and choose to collaborate together on creating a unique, independent and hyperly-curated lifestyle magazine. Miruna: It started more than a year ago, with Kotryna and I deciding to start our own magazine.The feeling of being trapped in a monochrome state of mind and then observing the endless possibilities of knowingly using a color.

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We also knew we had to bring something novel to the market, something that was missing.The approach we took for the overall concept was defined by looking into the different angles with which color are used in different areas, whether that’s architecture, food, lifestyle or fashion.So what the philosophical approach brings is a new viewpoint for the reader to interpret surroundings in regards to colors and their daily or strategic use, while leaving enough space for their own interpretation.Why is it important to you to investigate and explore a certain color?