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Not to mention, this truck can haul everything from furniture to a boat with ease.It wasn’t long ago that we featured the Toyota Hilux Tonka Concept, now we bring news of an FJ Company custom build that was inspired by a Tonka truck the client had as a child.

I had a feeling this war would be different from all the others, as the standard timer started to click down to start time. There was no time to react, as I instantly felt the heat of a bunker buster obliterate the building next to me, warm heat enough to make me sweat furiously. ” I hear Juan scream over the intercom, as I sprint to grab a health pill. Eyes wide, I spin on my heel, ready to give whichever moron who blocked me a piece of my mind. You’re not even supposed to be on this side of the street! ’ Needless to say, my thoughts are never coherent when I get scared. Sani shoots Ton Ka a jealous look and Ton Ka doubles up in fits of laughter, as I prove my ability as a fan girl, and literally only manage to say one thing – “Can I just fan girl for a while? Hell, I get to meet the man himself and now he’s my ally? Brooke chimes in, an amused smile crossing her lips, as she tosses her blonde hair behind her, and proceeds to sit down, most of us getting comfortable and sitting in a circle as the conversation continues.Inside, you’ll find a cabin that’s made for kids and dogs, commutes and camping.Raptor bed liner adds a super-tough coating to the floor, preventing scuffs and scratches, while the marine-grade audio system keeps the tunes coming, even in wet conditions.FJ Company began with a frame-off restoration before the client hand-picked classic features from different eras to suit their style.

This included hot rod-inspired paint, Mickey Thompson wheels, Cooper Discoverer A/T3 tires and a body-coloured jerry can. This is the story of how I met the Russian Mafia and Ton Ka. The war is left forgotten, pushed back into a corner of my mind. ” Vincent quips, a large smile on his face as Ton Ka scribbles out a quick signature and hands it to me…As you can see, its a completely different thread from my other stories, and it will probably be a one-off story. "To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. Steeling myself as always, I stood at the front of our HQ, patiently waiting alongside Vito and Juan Carlo. It’s Ton Ka.” A huge grin breaks out across my face, and I thank every God in existence, who has given me this blessing, and I know what you must be thinking – this girl’s gone nuts! I almost break out in hysterical fits of laughter, ‘take that, fan girls! ’ “There’s the autograph, cherish it.” I almost jump out of my own skin, as another member, Sani, appears.Its only visible armament is a large double-barreled turret resting on the top of the vehicle, most likely a mass accelerator.