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16-Feb-2017 21:03

symantec endpoint protection liveupdate not updating-53

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Mine is showing current now and will remain current until the subscription status goes down by 1 number. Hello Floplot Thanks for the answer, I am not sure I am following what you have written protection updates, yesterday showed , uninstalled and reinstalled then showed current again today software showed uninstalled and reinstalled now shows protection updates :current Are you saying that it will shows yesterday's date until some antivirus definition update, and there is no issue for me to worry about (is this part of cloud) Hopefully you can follow what I have written Tony Hello Tony You have nothing to worry about.

Protection updates refer to antivirus updates and they result in having an automatic quick virus scan..

The time that the subscription status changes is tied into the time you finished installing the product the first time with the key.

I had a quick antivirus scan 1 hour ago after receiving the antivirus definition update.

I am allowed 5GB per month for all access (email, internet, etc.). Getting a fix on how much bandwidth Norton is using each month is very important.

so I uninstalled and reinstall and then it showed current.

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) definition files are updated daily by Symantec, or even more often if a new threat has been identified.

The scanning engine (the antivirus program itself) is also updated occasionally, generally a couple of times per year.

In Mac OS X, find the program in the Applications folder (under "Symantec Solutions"). If the button is grayed-out, you likely have a managed installation.

If the button is live, click it to update your antivirus signatures (and repeat this operation periodically).It will show current until the time you first installed the product.So it should show current until the next virus scan and also depending on the time of that scan.For many Mines computers, the update process is automatic.

Oct 9, 2017. If you have an older version or if you do not know your product version, go to Norton Update Center. Start your Norton. Run LiveUpdate until you see the message, "Your Norton product has the latest protection updates.". Updating Norton AntiVirus for Mac virus definition files using Intelligent Updater.… continue reading »

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I noticed yesterday after manual live update and full scan the date next to projection update was showing yesterday date. so I uninstalled and reinstall and then it showed current. I found. As a side comment Norton does not make it as easy to find this information as Symantec Endpoint version 11 did.… continue reading »

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Jun 10, 2014. This document explains the troubleshooting steps when Symantec Endpoint Protection cannot install updates. CAUTION This document includes. NOTE Before you begin troubleshooting LiveUpdate, verify that you are able to connect to and browse If you are not able to browse this site.… continue reading »

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If the GUP does not have a definition it will reach out to its defined SEP Manager and download the correct update. On the next. In this scenario one serious discussion should be if it is better engineered to have all clients retrieve their definitions directly through the Internet to Symantec's public LiveUpdate servers.… continue reading »

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