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21-Aug-2017 14:12

We must now, as God's people did over 2000 years ago, lift our voices in this prayer: "Veni, Veni Emmanuel (O Come, O Come, Immanuel)".

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The picture of evangelism and the gospel that unfolds in this story offer something for the followers of Jesus today.As Christians, we've never called this world our home. But how do we reach a culture that is so wholly secular, so different from what we have been called to?How do we engage this culture without conforming to it?In light of the historically tragic story of the Titanic, we too live in a state of impending destruction.

Just as the passengers on the Titanic were oblivious to the disaster that loomed ahead, could we also be distracted by the opulence around us and be ignoring the warning signals of our doomed planet? The Rebel unleashes his full fury upon the inhabitants of Galaxy Three. The War rages on as the Rebel releases his latest weapon upon the inhabitants of Galaxy Three: a viral infection of "self" rule. What response can the King in Galaxy One bring to counter such a powerful deception?

Considering the Adventist Church's historical stance on the separation of Church and State, how do we respond to the increased attention and scrutiny brought on by the presidential candidacy of one of our prominent members?