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High-Intensity Strength Training The primary intent of high-intensity strength training is to fatigue additional muscle fibers during a more demanding exercise set.One means of achieving this objective is to reduce the exercise resistance at the point of muscle failure.This does not mean that further strength development is impossible, but it does indicate a need for program changes.Most people recognize that, to overcome a strength plateau, they must train a little harder.

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By so doing, he may fatigue more muscle fibers and provide a greater strength-building stimulus.

The science of getting stronger is really easy to understand. There are no secret routines or special exercises, just simple things that need to be done a certain way, for an extended period of time. Westcott, Ph D* In the area of strength training, there are as many workout routines as there are body builders, weight lifters, power athletes, and strength coaches.

Every strength expert seems to possess the perfect training program for maximizing muscle development.

Finally…Although I have used, and recommended creatine for year’s, and my experience is real and observed by me, it is still anecdotal. The above information is based on my own personal experience, as well as was gathered from various broad sources around the internet.

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Making the workout or exercise more challenging over time.

TAKU’s NOTE: I have used creatine for many years, and found it to be safe and effective.