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Hardware is chosen to support my detailed product specification and feature list.

This is a priority list of my vision of the product.

The component list (which makes up the BOM - "Bill of Materials") is obviously a critical step to balance cost vs. Speaking of features, here are some of those top-priority line items (with some important ones intentionally left out for now : 1) PC-less operation: This is obviously a critical one that I've talked about a lot.

XIM3 will be a stand-alone bus-powered device (plug and play).

Here we are today -- a thriving community of gamers with the same desire to quality game on the Xbox with whatever gaming device that best suits them.

Adapting high-precision gaming peripherals to Xbox titles which were designed for low-precision controllers is a very difficult task.

What I didn't expect is how much it would grow!I want the community to be well informed during this process, so, it's my intent to document XIM3 developments as they happen (including pictures and videos). All sorts of topics have popped up with a lot of good questions, and, all those questions will be answered in time. I'd like to tell you about where we are right now in the project and talk about some of the high-level features being targeted.I may be light on details at times because I have some surprises in store, so, I ask for some patience. We are just about done choosing the core set of components that will comprise the XIM3 board.The board layout describes exactly how the PCB is made. Of course, I'm not sitting around and waiting.