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Some have even moved on and forgotten about EMS/HCI because of the constant delays over the years anyway.We all hope that something happens next year on another note.It's only a guess on my behalf, but I'm hoping we might be done with the simulations by June 1st.Then we head to New York City for the face to face.

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Hold on because this ride is about to get bumpy and high!!!Have a look at https://gov/litigation/litreleases/2010/lr21686U. 21686 / October 7, 2010 SEC OBTAINS TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND ASSET FREEZE OF IMPERIA INVEST IBC RELATING TO INTERNET BASED OFFERING FRAUD If the assets have been frozen do you really think any of the 14,000 members have received any packages or been paid out reality or delusion you choose people. Euclid was moved to a different Hospital for special treatments and seems to be doing very well. The 5 for 1 deal extended to the 27th, but don't depend on that. California simulations are at 30%, so going smoothly so far.Only my opinion, but at this rate California could be through by end of the month, then New York State and a little time to fix Washington.As we know the banks main staff members and admin go on vacation for at least a month until about middle of January to February also that is the way that it is with the cabal banking system.

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I hope the Cabal don't stop the payout they always like to interfere and obstruct in our affairs. About a mounth ago we were at 89% with the EMS similations and we were getting very close again to the initial payout then somthing happend, they had to do a stresstest and they came up with the offer 17 for 1 shares.

This 17 for 1 offer only takes place during the stress test of both banks.