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Simmons formed the rock band Wicked Lester in the early 1970s with Stanley Eisen (now known as Paul Stanley) and recorded one album, which was never released.Dissatisfied with Wicked Lester's sound and look, Simmons and Stanley attempted to fire their band members; they were met with resistance, and they quit Wicked Lester, walking away from their record deal with Epic Records.She and her brother, Larry Klein, were the only members of the family to survive the Holocaust.Simmons' father, Ferenc Witz, also Hungarian-born, remained in Israel, where he had one other son and three daughters, and worked as a carpenter.The eye section of his "Demon" makeup with Kiss came from the wing design of comic book character Black Bolt.In 1983, when the fame of Kiss was waning, the members took off their trademark make-up and enjoyed a resurgence in popularity that continued into the 1990s.

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Stanley took on the role of lead performer on stage, while Simmons became the driving force behind what became an extensive Kiss merchandising franchise.Love, Unholy, Spit (second lead vocals), Boomerang, and You Wanted the Best (first lead vocals), among others.In addition to playing bass, Simmons is known for his large tongue and on stage is known for his demonic figure by spitting fire and vomiting stage blood. Most people only think about America in terms of rock & roll, movies and television.At age 8, his mother and he immigrated to New York City.

Simmons was raised in a Jewish household, where he practiced playing his guitar for hours on end.They decided to form the "ultimate rock band", and started looking for a drummer.Simmons and Stanley found an ad placed by George Peter John Criscuola (known as Peter Criss) who was playing clubs in Brooklyn at the time; they joined and started out as a trio.His mother, Florence Klein (originally Flóra Kovács), was born in Jánd, Hungary.