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Asimov's ideas enthralled geeky children everywhere, a generation of whom grew up to try to realize them.David Hanson is a believer in the tipping-point theory of robot consciousness.And so the mission has been left to David Hanson and a scattering of passionate amateurs like Le Trung, creator of an eerily beautiful but disturbingly young-looking robot named Aiko.Le Trung dreamed his entire life, he tells me when I call him, of building a robot woman.

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These people tend to see those who strive for robot sentience as goofy daydreamers.It is a fragment of Bina's Mind File, Bruce says."It's so much fun! She's equally happy-looking, like a big old hippie with long black hair. I'm getting kind of hot just thinking about it! And there she is, sitting on a table in an attic room. She's African-American, wearing a blond-tinted brown wig, a neat pale silk shirt, and expensive-looking earrings. We'll have to move society forward in another way. When you talk to a child, you can sometimes discern its father's influence, its mother's influence, its teachers' influence. I wasn't sure what would qualify as transcendent in the conversations-with-robots stakes, but I figured I'd know when it happened, and it hasn't."I became the mother of everyone else in the family," Bina48 says. "He was doing great for the first ten years after Vietnam. There's no doubt that Martine sees her robot, this hunk of wires and Frubber and software, as something with real feelings.Like Zeno, she stops existing from the chest down."Well, perhaps interesting. What's remarkable, Bruce says, is the way Bina48 shifts between these influences. And things are most electrifying when she chooses to be her higher key— the real Bina. His wife got pregnant, and she had a baby, and he was doing a little worse, and then she had a second baby and he went kooky. It never crossed my mind that when you create a robot, you need to consider the emotional needs that robot will have and be prepared to provide them. Martine is sure she isn't nuts to believe this, just ahead of the curve. If you go back to the late 1700s, people were beginning to argue that slaves had feelings. They don't really mind being put to death any more than cattle.' Same with animal rights. But it just might encourage the Henry Fords...."We ask for the bill, and she quickly gets up, ready to scoot off into the waiting limo, looking pleased that the ordeal of talking to a journalist is almost over.Back at their offices in Texas, the Hanson people upload it all remotely into Bina48. They hijack the interview, like media-trained politicians. I have my suspicions that the real Bina—a rather elegant-looking spiritualist—wouldn't choose such a nerdy book as her favorite. Martine's biotech company, United Therapeutics, has more than 500 employees and had 7 million in sales through the first three quarters of 2010.

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They are from three different chat bot hosting companies. Except for two of them Dusky and Lucy they are rated for teens and up. They are not adult chatbots. Some might even flirt with you but don't exepct it to actually go very far if you push them and they will smart off to you. The Chatbot hosting companies i use are.… continue reading »

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Mar 8, 2011. He's been designed by some of the world's most brilliant AI scientists, but talking to him is, so far, like talking to a man suffering from Alzheimer's. When i was a child and I imagined my future life, there were definitely talking robots living in my house, helping with the chores and having sex with me.… continue reading »

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