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However, we have recorded many of the cases that were brought to trial in the 1990s.

As it turned out, children would need protecting from Wright, the former Queensland state Opposition leader and member for the federal seat of Capricornia, with a sexual bent towards adolescent girls.

He even tried to contact Jackson after his 1989 wedding but Jacksons wife, Siobhan, had told him to "never to approach [Jackson] again". "Jackson was something very special to me and it just got out of hand...

I have always felt guilty about what did happen, I thought he grew out of all that."But like many victims of sexual abuse, Jackson was scarred for life and no amount of success on the football field, in the media and even in his personal life could cure him of the pain he felt within.

But Jackson was also a troubled man, who sought medical help numerous times to battle drug addiction and manic depression and, during treatment, told doctors about the sexual abuse he experienced in his youth.

There is little doubt that this abuse impacted greatly on Jacksons life and may well have led to his premature death.

Only then can you decide what to think about the sensitive and controversial issues of paedophile priests, the moral hypocrisy their actions engineer and the countless victims whose lives they destroy.