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Arabs enslaved people from many different parts of the world, but tended to treat those with the blackest skin unsparingly, assigning them the most menial positions.

Furthermore, it was Arabs who first arrived at the concept of the biblical curse as an explanation for the skin color of blacks.

As historians of European expansionism have shown, race was not always synony­ mous with skin color.

In the early modern period, when light-skinned Europeans started to come into regular contact with dark-skinned sub-Saharan Africans, they placed just as much significance on dress, religion, customs, language, and degree of civilization as they did on skin color.- Moreover, Mark Smith has recently argued that race was not only determined visually but could also be sensed by noses, ears, fingers, and even tongues.3 Clearly there were many different ways tor Europeans to mark the differences between themselves and the new peoples they encountered.

Race in this early period was not only about more than physical differences, it was also a flexible and adaptable identity.

It was possible for non-whites to effectively “become white” by adopting Christianity, and by dressing or living like Europeans.

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As Barbara Fields has shown us, the social interpretation of “race” has been of critical significance throughout Ameri­ can history because of the constant interaction among different types of people.1 “Race,” and how Americans of various sorts understood it, particularly in relation to slavery, is the subject of this essay.Yet, as biologists and geneticists have conclu- sivelv shown, there is only one human race, with the degree of genetic difference among whites tire same as between whites and blacks, or between any so-called “racial group.” When scholars use “race” as a useful category of historical inquiry they are not suggesting that white people and black people, for instance, belong to different species.Instead they are concerned with the sociological meanings of race, whereby racial terms only have meaning because individuals or groups either attribute a significance to the differences between themselves and others, or impose such a significance on others. Mamy nadziej, e bdziesz si z nami dobrze bawi i forum sprawi Ci duo przyjemnoci/poszerzy wiedz o seksie i seksualnoci.

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