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Bonds should be voted in argent rases only, i : rule. 1 lv Long Beach has a land area of 28.79 square miles, with 111 miles of paved streets and 4 4 miles of paved alleys. Monroe of Idaho was re- vealed to members of the Parlor's thimble club at a delightfully appointed luncheon at the home of Mr. Unfolding their napkins, the guests were sur- prised to find a card announcing the engagement, which comes as a climax to a university ro- mance, begun five years ago, when the bride-to- be and the groom-to-be were students at the University of California, Berkeley. All wished Miss Marie much joy and happiness, but re- gretted to learn that her future home will be in Oregon, where Monroe is associated with the United States Forestry Service. Wilmington, from its location at the head of the harbor, derives full benefit from all of the steamship lines entering the Port of Los Angeles, and is fortunate in having, in addition to its present private warehouses, three new, modern fireproof warehouses under way, seventeen mod- ern piers upon which are up-to-date transit sheds for the handling of general cargo, three of the largest lumber wharves in the world, and seven oil-loading docks which serve ships from every port in the world. Later Miss Halsey read a beautiful poem of her own composition dedi- cated to California. Irwin of Berk- eley gave an inspiring talk on the work of the New Fall Showings are ready at King's |Q OTH young men and young women will appreciate the exception- ally smart new costume ideas that we are fea- turing at really sensation- ally low prices.

Between 19 the bonded Ind of all governments, state and local, in Calil Increased 5 19 percent, to a total ol 609 i 19,227, while the assessed value of all property incr but 141 percent! "Polit- ical Subdivisions Incurring Ind lr ." It now requires two-thirds of the total vol,- east to carry a bond issue. Street paving finished in the past year totaled 12.28 miles, curbs 25 miles, walks 18 miles, gutters 15 miles. Wilmington, from its strategic location, being served by ships from all ports of the world, rail lines, trucking companies and pipe lines, and being equipped with modern warehouses and docks, is not only the distributing center of yes- terday and today, but is destined to be the larg- est distributing center of tomorrow in our great Pacific Southwest. Learn of Its past history and of its present-day develop- ment by reading regularly The Grizzly Bear. Use Our Easiest Credit Plan- Only Down The balance in twenty easy pay- ments.

So come ye — the seekers for brightness and Who are hoping for days that seldom have birth! Five thousand marchers, with brass bands and fireworks galore, partici- pated in a torchlight procession, and their most prominent speakers orated. W., Proprietor Cornice, Sky Lights, Tanks, Gutter and Conductor Work Phnnoc * OLynipia 5216, Shop rnoneb j 768-062, Residence 4456 Santa Monica Blvd. Re Jo r Berry ol Courtland, will i" In Lob An- geles , Ramona No. The annual volume of business for this section was indicated at sixty-two percent of the state's total. The industrial and economic picture of the trade area within Metropolitan San Francisco, embracing those communities fronting on the San Francisco Bay comprising an area of 2,464 The Coffee Supreme CASWELL'S NATIONAL CREST COFFEE Gives a delight to the coffee cup. San Francisco : : : : California Write for pamphlet, "Bow to Make Coffee" CALIFORNIA ARTISTIC METAL & WIRE CO. Build- ings are going up in every section of Long Beach. From an ante-breakfast dip in the surf, one may speed by motor or rail to luncheon in a lodge perched upon a snow-clad slope of the ma- jestic mountain ranges always in sight, perpet- ually white. ES Fashion Park Suits, Interwoven Hose Stetson Hats c. "This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad." Sincerely yours in P.

Ye will find these and more to the full of the year In this State by the sea — the fairest of earth. OFFICIAL ORGAN AND THE ONLY OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OP THE NATIVE SONS AND THE NATIVE DAUGHTERS GOLDEN WEST. The Republicans en- deavored to eclipse this demonstration the fol- lowing night. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Phone: TUcker 9182 JOSEPH BELLUE OFFICE FURNITURE EXCHANGE New and Second Hand Office Furniture 631 So. Delivered to you soon after it comes from the ROASTER in Mb., 2 "/Mb., 5-lb. Oaawel Te National Croat Coffee la not aold everywhere Telephone Sutter 0054 Geo. New high records for summer business were established in Long Beach during 192 6. Or he may in a matter of minutes only shift the scene from the glittering sands of Long Beach shore to the historic shades of old San Gabriel Mission, the secluded restfulness of Riverside, or the exhileration of Catalina Island, looming always in view to the west and south.

"These proposals would continue the already appalling increase of outstanding bonded indebt- THE LURE OF CALIFORNIA LINCOLN SOXNTAG. Being ineligible to citi- zenship, the Hindus, along with the Chinese and Japs, are affected by the exclusion provision of the Federal Immigration Law. Out of the simple and crude beginning evolved the modern manufacturers of today pro- ducing a tremendous variety of commodities and seeking the opportunities and advantages offered in this great Western empire amidst the unlim- ited resources and natural contributing indus- trial factors which stimulate and develop great trade and commerce. A UTO LA UNDR Y 311 LOCUST AVENUE LONG BEACH, California STANDARD GLASS AND MIRROR CO. We have been given a State with wonderful resources, sturdy people, climate urn in any place in the universe and nature's grandeurs unsurpassed.

W 40 Pasadena's Wonderful Community Playhouse 42 Passing of the California Pioneer 46 Stockton, Industrial and Marketing Center 50 CALIFORNIA INFORMATION FROM EVERY SECTION EXCLUSIVELY GRIZZLY BEAK PUBL. PUBLICATION OFFICE: 309-15 WILCOX BLDG., LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. If you have confidence in the public- school system, VOTE "NO" ON PROPOSITION 11. LONG BEACH Plaster will NOT STICK on CEMENT VENT PIPE with a hard, slick, oily surface, or to metal bands around the joints. cially in the winter, wolves howled close to the cabin. Abraham, was born the night of a terrible blizzard, February 12. The father was away trapping at the time, and if it had not been for a neighbor's timely visit the Lincoln family would have perished in the cold. The story closes with a pioneer Thanksgiving Day feast. It is pleasant to know that Abraham Lincoln's childhood, though full of hard work, was also a very happy one. Roe; Doublcday, Page & Company, Publishers, Garden City; Price. "Monsieur of the Rainbows" is the story of the nomadic wanderings of a little, frail, old man, a gentleman of France. This is al- most a total reconstruction of the former Pick- ford-Fairbanks institution, to build the plant on a more permanent basis. An altar 'neath the sunset's gleam Reaching our heavenly home. He was the first to discover the body of his brother, he was known to have had disputes with him over money matters and, most incriminating of all, a telegram hastily stuffed into the pocket of the dead man told that the two brothers had planned to meet by appointment, directly con- tradicting Lloyd's story. The report of commerce passing through Los Angeles Harbor reveals that we are importing merchandise from every part of the world. The net results of the development herein mentioned ac these: Thai Lasky and Schencs Studios, both within two miles of Sunset boule- vard and Vine street, will increase their business by a very important degree over any previous record established in Hollywood. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Phone: WHitney 4715 PRACTICE RECIPROCITY BY ALWAYS PATRONIZING GRIZZLY BEAR ADVERTISERS Page 34 THE GRIZZLY BEAK ■Illillllllll UIlllll IIlffl November, 1 926 ®: GOLDEN CHAIN GOODFELLOWSHTP MORE FTRMXT WELDED.

There is no earthly reason why the taxpayers of California should be compelled to support two ms of schools, one public and the other private. MURRAY Blacksmith Shop Auto Blacksinilliing, Spring Work Acetylene Welding, All Metals Phone: 316-133 3011 E. long beach MIiiuiv Laqnen Old Style Painting Bob Dutton's Pioneer Auto Painting and Lacquering High ("lass Work Guaranteed Phono: 613-127 202 East State St. The forest was all around them and almost every night. She had three children of her own, but "Abe" and Sarah were as much loved and cared for as if they hai been her own. The largest single project contemplated is a ,500,000 improvement program for the Jo- seph Schenck-United Artists' Studio. BOOK REVIEWS (Continued from Page 27) of circumstantial evidence, and that evidence was quickly weaving a noose around his neck. WILMINGTON, CALIFORNIA Miller Signs Phone : 55-J 107 W. ROBERTS COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE Phone 556-J 218 E. WILMINGTON Phone: 230 HARBOR DYE WORKS HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED FANCY CLEANING OP ALL KINDS PRICES CHEERFULLY GIVEN ON ANY ARTICLE WE CALL FOE AND DELIVER 417 Canal, WILMINGTON Everything Done In Our Own Modern Plant Phone 97 WOODS AMBULANCE SERVICE WOODS MORTUARY D. WOODS, Owner 702 Broad Avenue, WILMINGTON JOHN FORGER Reliable Tailor SUITS MADE TO ORDER ALTERATIONS OF ANT KIND 284 East Anaheim St., WILMINGTON PAT COLLINS AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICIAN Shamrock Battery Shop Phone: 567-M Westinghonse Service Station 643 Avalon Blvd., WILMINGTON Wilmington 126 — Phones — Long Beach 621107 Wilmington Iron Works W. The notable fact that Henry Ford picked this district as a location for his assembling and distributing plant, advertises to the world what he thinks of Wilmington as a distributing center. Lot Angelea, California Phone: HUmboldt 2692 California::::::::: Carpenter Shop F. HOBBS, Owner General Jobbing and Repairing a Specialty Alterations, Repairs, Cabinet Work 237 East Twenty-seventh Street LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA HOLLYWOOD (Continuad from I B graph about ,000 lias been spent upon its im- provements, and It Is planned to spend approxi- mately 0,000 on the Improvement of it and the Warner lot during the present year While Warner Brothers will make ei^hi less pictures during the coming season they will expend ,- 000,000 In their productions, almost, half again as much as last season's budget called for. CALL DUnkirk 0693 TILE WALLS - FLOORS - MANTELS DRAINBOARDS ESTIMATES PROMPT SERVICE 627 South La Brea Ave.

This is another case of giving a foot and a yard will be demanded. The valuation of building permits in 1920 was ,120,130; for the year 1925 It was ,046,766. Skirts are slim and short and straight, or they are Hand and short and full. Yosemite for pilgrim's feet That wander there for rest, A hallowed place for freedom sweet, In splendid verdure drest! Hot and Cold Water in All Rooms Native Sons and Daughters, make the Ritz your headquarters when in WILMINGTON ANAHEIM AND CANAL J. WILMIMGTON (Continued from Page 32) stay, and at the present time are handling ap- proximately the same amount of tonnage as the rail lines. Screams of laughter greeted their efforts and, at the close of the play, those fortunate enough to witness its production sub- mitted titles for the nameless skit.

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A splendid argument against this measure is, "Those most in need of aid (those who have no assets) secure no ben- elit from this section of the law." VOTE "NO" ON PROPOSITION 12. "Exempting Forest Trees From Taxation." has some good points, but the writer believes that all property, of every nature, except that which belongs to The People — property pos- d by the federal, state, county and munic- ipal governments — should be taxed. Proposition 25, while entitled "Taxation and Local Assessment Taxation," is, in reality, an- other attempt to add to the growing list of prop- erty exempt from taxation, in this instance thai used for burial of tie \ OTB "NO" ON PROPOSITI! Here are the bond pro|msi Students of taj 1 1 Ion are re] tlon to this dangerous situation, inn the appear to be afflicted with bond tnanii little heed t" the warnings. EGGS, POULTRY, RABBITS Phone: 645-203 2745 American Ave., LONG BEACH Phone: 659-192 EMPIRE TILE & MANTEL CO. Postal receipts in 1925 were 8,373; five years before they were 7. In the center of a beautifully decorated table was a miniature log-cabin surrounded by pine trees, and at each place was a smaller cabin. YOSEMETE (Tune Materna, America the Beautiful.) (MISS ESTHER CRONE.) Yosemite for grandeur set, For monuments of time, A temple fair where angels met. Pipe lines, as common carriers, make direct connection between all of the oil fields of Southern California and the five large refineries, the many tank farms and the loading docks here. A commit- tee, to whom, the names were submitted, pre- sented a prize to Miss Halsey of Santa Cruz for the title "A Busy Ten Years." considered the most appropriate. 23S (Entered as second-class matter May 29, 1918, at the Postofflce at Los Angeles, California, under the Act of August 24, 1912.) ONLY OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF N. Every public-school in the state is already exempt from taxation. The Lin- colns were three miles from the nearest settle- ment, Hodginsville, Kentucky. M 1 EAT Dad 's Oatmeal Cookies The Original Scotch Oatmeal Cookies MADE BY DAD'S COOKIE CO. Ninetieth Street Phone : THomwall 7150 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ALSO Oakland, California, Buffalo, New York ASK YOUR GROCER WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Superior Food Products Co. In excess of ,000,000 is to be spent in Holly- wood by the motion-picture industry in the ex- pansion of production units during the current year. Till time has flown and power made known Of God's almighty hand! IJ.i^til, Hi ACTICE BEOIPBOOrry BY ALWAYS PATRONIZING GRIZZLY BEAK ADVERTISERS Page 32 T H E GRIZZLY BEAR November, 1926 Every Wednesday Night is "File Nile" THE MOST PERFECTLY APPOINTED BOXING ARENA IN CALIFORNIA Ladies Especially Invited POPULAR PRICES End and Anaheim Blvd. One of the most substan- tial and successful grocery concerns in California has been distributing its goods from Wilmington since 1915, and it is the writer's opinion that its location at Wilmington is one of the main rea- sons for this success. W.) Licensed Architect Telephone: BEacon 4449 Office: 3035 Royal St. Just as many people are reckless in tie' expenditure of some one else's money, so the ax-paying citizen is prone to vote for bond and exempt-from-taxation measures regardless of their merit. The title, "Exempting Secondary Schools From Taxation," is misleading, giving the er- ius impression that the measure would ex- from taxation secondary public-schools When, as a matter of fact, the proposal was framed and is being sponsored solely in the in- its of private schools. For instance: Thomas Lincoln, Abraham's father, was a trapper. Nancy Hanks, and little daughter, Sarah, all alone in their log cabin. Then consider the advertising columns of The Grizzly Bear, which is the only publication in the state with a California-wide circulation! The simple straightforward way in which the narrative is written does much to hold the attention and strengthen the veracity of the writer. Changes in location of old, establishing of new and important additions to other studios this year will bring a greatly increased value in mo- tion-picture property holdings in Hollywood, a value on par with and appropriate to the In- crease in production. The oil industry has been using Wilmington for a distribution point for pipe and steel for the past several years; these commodities are shipped in by water and placed in storage yards maintained by trucking companies, which later distribute them to their ultimate destination. And the angler smiles as the finny one leaps And the baskets are filled with nothing to cull. PUBLICATION OFFICE: 30915 WILCOX BLDG., 2D AND SPRING, Telephone: VAnduce 6234 LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. and there is no doubt that it is designed for that very purpose. In California there are approximately 22,500.000 acres of farming land, 1G, 100, 000 acres, or seventy-two percent, of which are lo- cated in the great valleys tributary to San Fran- cisco. Fourth St., LONG BEACH FLAKER'S Bakery and Cafe UPTO DATE SODA FOUNTAIN ELECTRIC KEPT ICE CREAM Plea, :, ,ieti Bandnlehaa LUNCH SERVED 113-115 E. Although we were a baby nation, our an- cestry was of that sturdy stock who had their convictions, backed by the courage and a love of freedom, as our history attests. Following the program, refreshments were served, and social conversation and story telling were enjoyed until an early hour Sunday morn- ing. After luncheon, adieux were said and all departed for their respective homes, feeling that the golden chain of goodfellowship was more d Am Wesih 1 firmly welded through this social and happy gathering. Tracy — During November, Grand President Pearl Lamb will officially visit the following Subordinate Parlors on the dates noted: 1st — Las Juntas 221, Martinez.

Nov 8, 2014. Seems counter-intuitive, I know, but the fact is that the GTFF is big part of what makes our programs at the University of Oregon so amazing. I'm not saying. If you're single, look for a city with a dating pool not entirely made of troglodytes or people of the polar opposite political views to yourself. You should.… continue reading »

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Dec 8, 2017. Willamette Weekend Portland Oregon Hip-Hop Festival, A Movie About A Homicidal Santa and 10 Other Things To Do In Portland, Dec. While often thought of as one of the key bands of the Great Indie Rock Explosion of 2007, Grizzly Bear's otherworldly mastery of texture, ambiance and harmony places.… continue reading »

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