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host and former Fox 29 anchor Clayton Morris needed to make it clear Sunday morning that he and his co-hosts think the idea of setting up internment camps in England as a possible solution to terror attacks is “reprehensible.” Guests on @Fox And Friends discussed "internment" talk in UK, so Fox felt it should clarify: the network thinks that's a "reprehensible" idea L — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) June 4, 2017 Morris issued the statement on behalf of the network because earlier in the show, the idea of internment camps came up in discussions with two guests following Saturday night’s deadly attacks in London, which killed 7 people and left another 48 injured.Fox News contributor Nigel Farage, a former British politician and Trump ally who campaigned for Brexit, was first to bring up the idea of internment camps after calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to go further in stopping refugees, especially those that have fought in Syria, from entering the country.The definitive reason for the change in spelling of the final syllable from "furd" to "ford" is unknown, though the change may have been the result of name recognition of the Ohio politician Rutherford B.Hayes, who was elected President in 1876, or could have been because of a clerical error done by the United States Postal Service.New Barbadoes was part of Essex County from 1693 to 1710, when Bergen County was formed.In 1826, the land became part of Lodi Township (of which today's remaining portion is now South Hackensack).The main roads were Orient Way, a wide boulevard heading south-southwest from Station Square, and Park Avenue, which headed west-southwest from Station Square to bring traffic to the new Valley Brook Race Course in what is now Lyndhurst.

Later, the railroad opened a station closer to the river, at Carlton Hill.

Minutes later, the president sent out a tweet that nearly matched Morris’ comment word for word.

Authorities over the weekend announced they had also charged 44-year-old Michael Beard, of Elmira, with second-degree murder. It wasn't immediately clear whether he has an attorney. That's when he found his wife's body and called 911, Schlather said.

Later in the morning, Morris noted that because the attackers were carrying knives instead of guns, there was no debate about gun control.

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“Notice we’re not having a gun debate right now because they didn’t kill with guns, they killed with knives,” Morris said.

“We have 3,000 people on a known terrorist list,” Farage said.