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Towing trailer weights above the maximum trailer weight specified by the vehicle manufacturer may cause transmission or other damage.If you wish to tow greater than the maximum trailer weight for your vehicle, modifications to your vehicle may need to be made. w=450" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-74" title="diagnostic-port-closer-up" src=" w=450" alt="diagnostic-port-closer-up" srcset=" w=450 450w, w=150 150w, w=300 300w," sizes="(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px" / Performance Tuning Quick Start – Read & Program my vehicle NOW!!!The new FLASHPAQ Tuner includes the following features: Your 3815 FLASHPAQ tuner is setup specifically for your Dodge Dakota, Durango, Ram, HEMI Ram , and Jeep Grand Cherokee.The 3815 FLASHPAQ houses specialized databases that contain optimally calibrated, individual vehicle application performance programs which tune BOTH the engine & transmission.Vehicle Preparation Before connecting the FLASHPAQ Tuner to your vehicle, make sure that: • All power-draining accessories are turned off, including radio, lights, cell phones, etc…The FLASHPAQ Tuner needs full battery voltage to program your vehicle.Log onto click on the FLASHPAQ icon for additional updates.

If your vehicle has not been returned to its STOCK program prior to service, the Superchips FLASHPAQ Tuner will no longer be able to program your vehicle.

The new FLASHPAQ Tuner includes the following features: Caution For V8 engines, the “Performance”, “Towing”, and “HP4” tuning level requires that you use at least 91 octane fuel.

Using a lower octane fuel while the “Performance”, “Towing”, or “HP4” tuning level is selected for your V8 may cause “pinging” that can be harmful to your vehicle.

Superchips calibrations include optimization of the entire power band – from idle to redline!

Part throttle, as well as Wide Open Throttle is covered with Superchips FLASHPAQ Tuning.

Hardware Overview superships-flashpaq-understanding-the-hardware " data-medium-file=" ) Upon completion, remove cable from vehicle Your vehicle is now programmed with Superchips tuning! ignitiion-key-positions " data-medium-file=" ) Upon completion, remove cable from vehicle Your vehicle’s program is now returned to factory stock. Quick Start – Program my vehicle with User Options NOW!!!

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