Ryan phillippe dating history Instant chatxxx

15-Dec-2017 04:22

Pop princess Katy Perry and early-aughts heartthrob Ryan Phillippe would really, really, really like everyone to know that they’re not dating.

In a now-viral tweet that Phillippe posted on Sunday, the actor wrote in emphatic all caps that he was “NOT DATING KATY PERRY,” in an effort to call off the paparazzi, who he claimed were flying helicopters over his house because of rumors that he was keeping company with the “Chained to the Rhythm” singer.

According to her Twitter and Linked In profiles, Slagter is enrolled at Stanford University Law School.

While receiving an education, she is working with the Education Equity & Racial Justice at American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. If you check out her Linked In page, Slagter is no stranger to hard work.

Anyone who buys the rumor that Ryan Phillippe and Katy Perry are Hollywood’s newest couple should look no further than Phillippe’s Twitter account, where he has noted, in no uncertain terms, that he is not dating Perry. According to a source for Hollywood Life: “[Perry] was totally giggling and at one point [Phillippe] had his hand on her knee.”These rumors quickly garnered paparazzi attention, and Phillippe claims they’ve been flying over his home in low-hovering helicopters since they started.

In her lawsuit, she alleges that the actor abused drugs and that they got into a fight on July 4.