Rich man poor girl dating

24-Aug-2017 02:27

They have fantasies of how much better life would be for them if only they were rich.

Wouldn’t marrying a rich person be like winning the lottery?

You can eat as much ice cream as you could ever want, different flavors one after the other.

You could buy all those things they advertise in like fur coats and jewelry.

(Being selective means that you can’t join, but you can still sign up for lessons.) Even if you are sort-of ugly, you will learn how to sail a boat, which is probably enjoyable.

(I wouldn’t know.) Besides, as I have said over and over in these blogs, being sort-of ugly does not mean you cannot appeal to very desirable people.

This brings up the subject of the disadvantages of being REALLY, REALLY rich, which I have written about in other blogs.

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Besides, if you are sort-of ugly now, it doesn’t mean you are doomed to be ugly forever. I also recommend attending fund-raisers for charitable causes.But being rich does not automatically say SUCCESS to others, or VICTORY, or any other valuable or admirable quality of mind. Still, some people manage it—some without even trying!My mother used to tell me when I was very young and impressionable that “it’s just as easy to marry someone who is rich.” Plainly, that is not correct. Like anything else worth doing, however, a steadfast effort is more likely to lead to success.Only on very rare occasions, do they tell me they want to marry someone who is rich. Much of romantic fiction tells of a poor man or woman (usually a woman) who marries a very rich person and then leads an exciting and adventuresome life.