Representing and validating digital business processes

09-Jun-2017 08:05

In this instance, statements of customer needs are written on cards or post-its.The cards or post-its are logically organized by the group and the group develops headings under which to cluster these needs.A discipline that focuses on the management of activities as a route to improving the value received by the customer and the profit received by providing this value.

User testing of a new product in-house (as compared to beta testing bu actual or potential customers or users in the field).

Fabrication processes which add material using a variety of “3D printing” type processes to create a final part or item geometry with a minimum of secondary processes required.

The technologies involved have previously been associated with rapid prototyping, but when these technologies are able to directly produce parts for products, additive manufacturing is a better description.

Activity Based Costing is a costing and analysis method that associates resources and their costs to activities and then associates the costs of activities to cost objects (e.g., a product) based on a cost drivers which measure use of an activity by the cost object.

These cost drivers, such as the number of persons performing work or the number of setups required per product reflect the consumption of activities by the products.

Two programs linked via an API can both be altered and still work together so long as both conform to the API.

Mar 28, 2003. Common uses include business scenarios requiring authentication, encryption, and digital signing. The following sections provide. it issues a certificate. An OID is used to represent the validation process and can include a policy-qualified URL that fully describes the measures taken to validate the identity.… continue reading »

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Henn Wolverhampton, Chartered Accountants, West Midlands. Welcome to the Henn Wolverhampton web site. Henn Wolverhampton are a small firm of Chartered Accountants and.… continue reading »

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Years ago we might all have had the same answer, but today, “ink on paper” isn't the only option for authorizing a document or transaction. Here's what you need to know about the three main signature categories wet, digital and electronic signatures and how they facilitate or impede business processes.… continue reading »

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Representing security concepts graphically or by enforcing security con- straints. In 2, we have presented a set of security risk-oriented patterns for securing business processes. Based on these patterns, the SREBP method helps deriving. the attributes Plan Number, Digital Data and Plan Validation, actually, represents.… continue reading »

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And sending a paper copy by courier or fax, the use of digital signatures allows the final step in an otherwise online process to be automated. The fundamental technology that enables security and accountability for electronic transactions is the digital signature. In today's business environment, organizations must be aware.… continue reading »

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