Relationship advice for women dating older man

30-Nov-2017 06:21

Older men have much more experience than you and have experienced things that you more than likely haven’t.Advice, no matter if it’s relationship-based or not, should always be welcomed.istock Yes he’s older than you, and no matter if he’s 5 years older or 10, it doesn’t and shouldn’t make much of a difference to you and hopefully anyone else.Putting too much focus on the age difference between you two can cause an issue in itself.Whether it’s a wrinkle or gray hair, the main idea here is that if you spot an “aging” sign, don’t point it out to him.He probably already knows about it and pointing it out to him may cause some tension between you two. shows, books, movies, and music, you’re bound to have a connection somewhere.If you’re not used to it, you’re in for a wild ride.

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Before getting too emotionally invested with the relationship, make sure he wants more than just a friend with benefits.

Don’t let your ages play a big role in the relationship.

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