Reforming and consolidating government act of 2016

11-Feb-2017 01:21

reforming and consolidating government act of 2016-11

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The United Nations (UN) have published a report following investigation into the allegations of “grave and systematic” abuses of the human rights of disabled people in the UK.

reforming and consolidating government act of 2016-71

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““Given the barriers that still prevent the full participation of persons with disabilities in the labour market and mean higher unemployment rates for them, income-maintenance social security schemes are particularly important for persons with disabilities.

In connection thereto, it was observed that in the field of social protection, persons with disabilities have not been properly considered as right-holders and entitled to benefits with regard to their right to social protection.

The government feel it’s acceptable to lie about the fact that they have failed to recognise our human rights, outrageously claiming that disabled people.… continue reading »

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