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04-Dec-2017 06:37

MOVIESAnnihilation Annihilation, directed by Alex Garner, is a sci-fi thriller about five women scientists who go into a mysterious, dangerous area known as “the Shimmer.”…

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Author Susan Ridout addresses this in her somewhat depressing nineteenth century book of advice, Letters to a Young Governess on the Principles of Education and Other Subjects Connected with Her Duties (1840): “Consider therefore, before…“Where the sunsets are the most beautiful” — this resonated so much with me because it’s true. Although technically we all have the same sun, the one in Africa is the most beautiful! Read more In her one-woman play-turned-HBO film Notes From The Field, Anna Deavere Smith takes on the role of Kevin Moore, the deli worker known for videotaping Freddie Gray’s beating. [The camera] is the only weapon we have.” “When you say that, what you’re saying is that [the camera] is a weapon that brings a mirror up to society,” Smith told BUST.“That’s what the camera is in the beating of Freddie Gray, and going back to Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, the video of the young girl…Read more Amy Poehler Fights For Gun Control on Twitter After CNN’s town hall in Florida yesterday, the NRA tweeted at spokeswoman Dana Loesch with a Leslie Knope GIF.

The amazing team behind Parks and Recreation immediately intervened. I would prefer you not use a GIF from a show I worked on to promote your pro-slaughter agenda,” wrote creator Michael Schur.

Graham plays Honey, who we’re introduced to as a child in a flashback scene in which her father berates her for watching a premarital sex scene on TV, telling her, “You could go to hell for those urges.” In the present, Honey is still plagued with guilt when she has sex with her…