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The other participants easily follow Presley’s lead with what seems a close familiarity with his choice of songs. Presley also brought with him another aspiring singer, Cliff Gleaves, who might be participating on some of the ensemble parts.Critics have remarked on the irony of his choices as rock & roll was branded as satanic music at the time. Jerry Lee Lewis can be heard more frequently, often singing in duet with Presley and at the end of the session, when Presley got up to leave, he swiftly took over the piano and whipped off five piano ravers in rapid succession, including a rousing "Crazy Arms" (his debut Sun single) and a soulful make-over of Gene Autry's "You're the Only Star in My Blue Heaven".

The released albums contain 46 musical tracks, most of which are incomplete and are interspersed with chatter between the participants.

The recording was first released in Europe in 1981 as The Million Dollar Quartet with 17 tracks.