Psychic love and dating advice

13-Nov-2017 22:57

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You're able to feel the energy of the other person, whether he or she is happy, sad, or angry." And sometimes, a phone call can make the difference between a relationship moving forward and stagnating.

One client of hers didn't hear back from a date over text but set up a second date with him after she initiated a phone conversation.

But, there's also research advocating you do it sooner.

Apparently, there's a lot we've been doing wrong, and between her psychic intuition and her experience counseling people on their relationships, Graham has a unique perspective to offer people whose dating lives seem to be stuck in a rut.

Graham, who is also the star of TLC's "Psychic Matchmaker," tells Bustle that she can tune into people's energetic fields to find out what their romantic histories look like, where their paths are leading, and what they need to do to remove obstacles in their way.

While Graham isn't opposed to one-night stands, she recommends taking the relationship slowly if you're looking for something long-term to see if you two have what it takes to form a bond without the aid of a physical relationship.

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Graham's philosophy is based on the overriding principle that you will not meet your soulmate until you're ready.Sometimes, she'll even look at a photo and tell a client if the person in it is compatible with them. When she spoke to me, for example, she said I would meet my soulmate in three years.She believes there's one "twin flame soulmate" for everyone, and until you meet that person, you have "fillers" — relationships that come along to teach you about yourself and prepare you for that final, spiritually destined partnership."When you're texting or emailing, you have the ability to edit yourself and slowly craft the person you think the other person wants to be with.

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A psychic love reading can help you by Suggesting where to look for love; Giving insight into your current relationship; Teaching you about yourself; Suggesting reasons for past romantic mistakes; Giving honest and impartial advice on your love life; Giving you the courage to move forwards; Boosting your confidence.… continue reading »

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