Proton microprobe for chemical dating of monazite

22-Feb-2018 23:52

proton microprobe for chemical dating of monazite-48

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Pb ages also agree with the chemical ages while there are a few discordant samples.

Observed ages were compared with the U-Th-Pb chemical ages by electron microprobe.Stepwise Pb Pb leaching (Pb SL) has been successfully used to date rock-forming silicates directly linked to metamorphic reactions defining a PT path.The two features of Pb SL are an increase of precision and a control on accuracy: the former, by enhancing the Pb ratio and checking isotopic equilibrium with the host.The second broad group of garnet-monazite connections involves decompression of a wide variety of garnet-bearing rocks, where cordierite, orthopyroxene, or plagioclase are produced at the expense of garnet. (2006) Dating metamorphic reactions and fluid flow: Application to exhumation of high-P granulites in a crustal-scale shear zone, western Canadian Shield.

Monazite Th-U-Pb ages can be calculated from a bulk chemical analysis by electron-microprobe EMP. The electron microprobe EMP is used for monazite dating because of its many advantages in contrast to other. Either one can use a polished rock thin section coated with carbon or mounted and then polished.… continue reading »

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