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15-Jan-2017 21:24

We gone for a ride on his Vios car and while were driving, he asked me If i would willing to have sex with him.

Hes really straightforward about it, but I declined him in a nice way, I thought about h8im as a friend and I cant imagine having sex with him, I just let him feel my dick inside my pants.

It was a nice conversation, hes smart maybe because of his age.

He is working a car company which is outside KL,he single and hes always go out alone,few thing I knew about him.

Without any doubt, I took a cab decided to come to his place,and i never expected that the third guy will be the Taxi Driver.

He is Indian on his early 30’s and doesnt interest me at first. It was a bit surprised with his question but i answered, “My boyfriend”, and he just gave me flirty smile.

His tool is just average but it feels so good inside because im loving the way he drive, ebery pumping makes me ask for more.

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I asked him to drove me to the hotel of my second date coz I told him that i will not going to have sex with him.I recieved a call that night from one of my contacts i got from the internet.He was inviting me to come to hs place somehere in Cheras.Hes a textmate I should say and that was our first date. He took me to Hard Rock Cafe near Bukit Nanas in Concorde Hotel.