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11-Dec-2017 04:47

It would not be fair to them for me to sell what I have privately to you.To be fair, I just list them on my site, send out the email website notification, and then let the chips fall where they may, so to speak.As of today, I have consigned tobacco from people in 16 different countries! But, the bottom line is that I am only as good as the consignors. I get boxes in here almost daily filled with unbelievable old stuff. Q – Pipestud, I am looking for aged tins of any Dunhill Murray’s era tobacco.To save you time you can just email me privately with what you have and the prices and I will probably purchase whatever you offer to me.Q – Pipestud, I love the old Pease no longer produced Renaissance.Whenever you get a tin of that blend in just shoot me an email and I will purchase it immediately.

They did not differentiate between the old London and Murray’s era tins from the new Orlik production, which had been on the market for about a year at the time I ran those auctions.

So, I thought it might be fun to start a page featuring some of the more common questions here on my website in the hopes that some of the information may be helpful to you.

And, feel free to ask questions that you don’t see the answer to and it may also be something to include.

A – I sure do appreciate your offer, but with so many people on my mailing list and having run this site for 11-years, I get requests like yours almost daily. I get so much wonderful old tobacco in here to sell from consignors that I would wear everyone out if I sent out a notification every time I put new product on the site.

I’d have a fried brain if I tried to remember who all wanted what. The fair thing to do is list the tobacco I get in, send out the email update and sell as the orders come in. I do that only when I have major updates where I will list a great deal of tins at once.When I send out my email website update notifications I often get 50 emails and even more within the first hour after sending out the update notifications.It is not uncommon for me to get a dozen or more email orders within the first few minutes after the update.So, three weeks and as many bottles of Excedrin later, I succeeded in figuring out how to start my own private site.

Zesty and satisfying, that's Orlik pipe tobacco. Orlik Golden Sliced pipe tobacco combines a bold blend of flue-cured Virginia with a touch of Burley.… continue reading »

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Keep your favorite Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky on hand from the number one place here at Pipes and Cigars.… continue reading »

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Orlik Golden Sliced pipe tobacco combines a bold blend of flue-cured Virginia with a touch of Burley. This flake cut pipe tobacco offers a naturally sweet bouquet with fresh tobacco notes and a touch of tea and citrus.… continue reading »

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I have now been running my private website, Pipestud's Consignment Shop, for eleven years. I first started this site because back in 2006 I was running 30 auctions on my eBay site of the no longer produced Murray's era Dunhill blends of all kinds, many dating back to the 1960's and early 1970's when the Dunhill tobaccos.… continue reading »

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First, I would only recommend this blend if you like aromatics. But if you do, give Jock a try. I totally disagree with Mr. Kiilerich on this one a.… continue reading »

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